Collectivist Cult at Occupy Atlanta Protest

by Eric T. Phillips

How creepy is this?

So basically Congressman John Lewis showed up to address these Occupy Atlanta people and after chanting back and forth for ten minutes, they decided not to let him speak because “no human being is more valuable than any other.”

But that’s not the whole story. One woman did get a chance to (very slowly…very slowly) make the case that allowing the congressman to speak would not violate the group’s extreme egalitarian ethic. The vast majority of people raised their hands–they clearly wanted to hear him speak.

Then another woman proposed that he only be allowed to speak at the designated time for public speaking (which apparently was after they finished “the rest of the agenda”). There was some confusion on what this proposal actually was, and the leader repeated it. About a third of the people raised their hands, but this same third had already voted to hear the man speak.

Then, the dear leader proposed a “compromise” to his confused group: “It seems to me…that the group is very divided…about this issue…It seems unlikely…that we are going to come…to consensus quickly…therefore…I propose…that we continue…with the agenda.” (The crowd re-chanted each phrase).

Amazingly, the crowd agreed with this proposal. They don’t let the congressman speak, even though they all clearly wanted to hear him just a few seconds before. There were a few baffled voices in the crowd as Lewis left, and one man stood up in protest, but he was quickly shouted down by the leader and the crowd obediently repeated after him.

I’ve never seen a more blatant instance of crowd manipulation and mindless group think.

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