On Paul’s Third Place Showing

by Eric T. Phillips

From Brian Doherty:

As a Ron Paul admirer since 1988, having the sweet hope of victory held over my head for a moment led to a frustrating and dispiriting night. But–while all discussions of “moods of the room” are suspect, based, as they must be, on long talks with what by necessity will be a narrow unscientific sampling of the room–I seemed to be perhaps the most bummed person at the Paul “victory party.” Even the many Iowans who started today expecting a win are still satisfied and eager footsoldiers in an ongoing Ron Paul Revolution.

From Lew Rockwell:

Ron Paul’s final talk in Iowa is moving and thrilling. He talks about the wars, the depreciating currency, our stolen liberties. Though this was my favorite part: “Nixon said ‘We’re all Keynesians now. I want to be able to say, ‘We’re all Austrians now.'” Ron said, ‘On to New Hampshire!’ Then, in a brilliant move, he calls on the young soldier who was cut off by CNN. Then Ron urges his people to work for peace and prosperity, and civilization itself. And they will.

From the National Journal:

Ron Paul could claim victory Tuesday even though he came in third place. The long shot for the Republican nomination already has done more to promulgate libertarian principles than anyone since Ayn Rand.

The Texas congressman’s unswerving commitment to slashing federal spending and shrinking the size of government fueled the tea party movement, energized young voters and pushed the Republican Party rightward. His anti-war crusade engaged Democrats and independents, and he paved the way for more anti-establishment candidates to run as Republicans.

Paul’s end-of-the-night speech:


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