Mitt Romney: “The Father of National Healthcare Reform”

by Eric T. Phillips

This interview on the connections between Romneycare and Obamacare is from a few months back, but is still worth watching:

Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist and Romney adviser mentioned in the video, went on to explain:

I think he is the single person most responsible for health care reform in the United States…I’m not trying to make a political position or a political statement, I honestly feel that way. If Mitt Romney had not stood up for this reform in Massachusetts…I don’t think it would have happened nationally. So I think he really is the guy with whom it all starts.

And now this man, the father of national health care reform, is running for president and will likely be the nominee of the party that is supposed to be adamantly opposed to national health care reform. We must be living in Bizarro World.

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