Super Tuesday Results

by Eric T. Phillips

The Ron Paul campaign had an unspectacular day yesterday, again failing to eek out a first place finish.  The results:

Ohio- 4th place, 9%

Alaska – 3rd place, 24% (Palin voted for Newt)

Idaho – 3rd place, 18%

Tennessee- 4th place, 9%

Oklahoma- 4th place, 10%

Massachusetts- 3rd place, 10%

North Dakota- 2nd place, 28%

Virginia- 2nd place, 40% (Gingrich and Santorum were not on the VA ballot)

Vermont- 2nd place, 25%

Georgia- 4th place, 6%

Note: these numbers may change slightly as there are a small number of precincts that have yet to report.

While these results are undoubtedly disappointing, they are equally encouraging for the long run. So far, 894,959 people–many of them young and well-educated–have voted for a radically libertarian congressman who lists Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard as his heroes. That is a lot of potential readers, donors, members, and activists for the libertarian institutions of today and the future.


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