Quotes of the Day

by Eric T. Phillips

Justin Raimondo:

The House recently passed a bill that would legalize the production and distribution of pro-government propaganda by covert agencies as well as the State Department and the Pentagon. So here we have all the elements of a classic police state falling into place: universal surveillance, the infiltration and disruption of dissident movements, and a 24/7 government propaganda machine aimed at the citizenry.

Anthony Gregory:

Democracy, like no other system, dupes the masses into believing that the state really is on their side. It creates the perfect storm for a deep if somewhat temperate oppression, as the state becomes increasingly active and meddlesome, and instead of cowering in fear or resenting the state for ripping them off, subjects become complacent or even celebratory at the sight of their rights and responsibilities co-opted in the name of the good of all. After all, if we are the state, who can complain? To badmouth a state’s treatment of prisoners, taxpayers, or foreign victims of war too vociferously becomes taboo, because “in a democracy, the government is us!” The Divine Right of Kings has nothing on this rationalization for oppression, this masquerading of institutional evil as the greatest public good.

Professor Jack D. Douglas:

The CIA, Seals, and other special ops carried out a systematic plan of mass slaughter of boys and men in Iraq and Afghanistan before and during the invasions and annihilations  of those nations. The secret snipers were the spearhead of the slaughters. They were ordered off-book to shoot all boys and men who even looked like they might be al-Queda or Taliban, which they obviously interpreted to mean any boy or man who might be able to wield a weapon and fight.

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