Gavin McInnes’ 10 Favorite Hate Crime Hoaxes

by Eric T. Phillips

Here are ten examples of fabricated ‘hate crimes,'” he writes, “that fuck it up for those of us living in the real world.”

The left views society through the lens of cultural Marxism. Privileged white men, in this view, oppress women and minorities to maintain their privilege.  It’s the modern version of the old Marxist view that privileged capitalists oppress workers to maintain bourgeois privilege.

Cultural Marxists are constantly on the look out for events that confirm their preexisting worldview. Unfortunately for them, their worldview is delusional, and events that are consistent with it are few and far between. They tend to latch on to certain cases, therefore, before it’s clear what actually happened. That’s how the Trayvon Martin case–where a Hispanic man shot a black man–became a symbol of white racism in America. And it’s also how these ten cases and hundreds of others like them, in McInnes’ words, “fuck it up for those of us living in the real world.”


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