Recently Posted Austrian Articles

by Eric T. Phillips

Rand’s Dystopian Masterpiece

Roderick Long analyzes the unique style of Ayn Rand’s first published work, Anthem, and compares it to Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

In Praise of Toleration

Long applauds Jerome Tuccille’s classic It Usually Begins with Ayn Rand as “a jazz improvisation on the early history of the modern libertarian movement.”

The Electoral College: How to Defend?

Tom Woods offers a limited defense of the electoral college as a means of limiting the dominance of high population areas like California and New York over the rest of the country.

Unsafe at Any Blood Pressure    

Christopher Westley argues that increasing government control over healthcare–through means such as Medicare fines on hospitals–will inexorably lead to a fully nationalized health care system.

Extraordinary Demand to Hold Cash–The Mystery Persists

Robert Higgs explains how declining monetary circulation has prevented the onset of hyperinflation, even in the face of the Fed’s massive money creation schemes.



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