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May 7, 2012

Quotes of the Day

by Eric T. Phillips

Ryan McMaken:

Nicolas Sarkozy, toadie to the United States government and reliable ally in keeping the empire going through debt, war, and crony capitalism, has been voted out and replaced by Socialist Francois Hollande. Sarkozy was among the most craven and opportunistic of politicians. In the end, he relied primarily on fear-mongering and anti-Muslimism to try to get re-elected and attempting to convince the electorate that his replacement might be even worse than him.

Like so many politicians, Sarkozy apparently has an insufferable personality, overcompensating for his 5ft 5in stature by insulting private citizens (“Get lost, you pathetic asshole”) and strutting around at international conferences where he played the role of Angela Merkel’s poodle.

Vedran Vuk:

This is the general problem with the Fed and all central planners. They try to guide the economy, but more often than not, they create the very recessions that the system is supposed to prevent. The Federal Reserve either leaves rates too low for too long, or it raises them so high as to create an economic slowdown of its own. The Federal Reserve isn’t the wonderful safety net economic idealists imagine. Instead, it’s much closer to driving a car while blindfolded. Unfortunately, people like Krugman are more than willing to take the keys knowing full well the dangers of driving blindfolded. And when these Fed economists inevitably crash into a brick wall, it is the passenger – the American worker – who gets creamed.

Daniel Sanchez:

Many left-libertarians have wanted to redefine “capitalism” negatively for a while: basically to mean “corporatism.”  Now self-styled bleeding heart libertarians want to redefine “social justice” positively: basically to mean “concern for the poor.” …

The problem is, most non-libertarians who say they are against capitalism really mean they are against the free market, and not against only corporatism.  And most non-libertarians who say they are for social justice really mean they are for redistributionism, and not for narrowly “the well-being of the poor.”

So any “camaraderie” that can be effected by such bait-and-switch ploys can only ever be ephemeral “agreements” based solely on terminological confusion.


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