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November 20, 2011

Taking the Occupiers at their Word

by Eric T. Phillips

Thanks to The International Libertarian for the following series of interviews with Occupy Philadelphia protesters.

The three stars of the clip–a member of the Philadelphia Socialists, a unionist nurse, and a Karl Marx impersonator–are representative of the nature of the Occupy movement. As William Jasper explains,

The leading activists openly display their Communist, Marxist, Socialist, Anarchist affiliations and orientations. One would have to be willfully blind and totally dishonest not to notice this. In this writer’s visits to Zuccotti Park, it was impossible to take more than a few steps without seeing publications of the Communist Party, Revolutionary Communist Party, Communist Workers Party, Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party, Working Families Party, etc., as well as prominent posters with the communist hammer and sickle or the communist clenched fist symbol. In fact, the “official” website has adopted the communist clenched fist as the symbol for its homepage — as have many of the derivative websites.

Unfortunately, there are many across the political spectrum who are willfully blind towards the Occupy crowd. Such a situation is at least understandable, because for the numerous Americans who are upset with the country’s political and economic ruling class there’s a tendency to identify with anyone who’s protesting the status quo. The Occupy movement has played into this tendency by claiming to represent the “99%” and through some effective propaganda efforts (such as those pictures of people holding up letters detailing their economic plight).

In the end, however, you have to take the protesters at their word. They’re socialists, communists, anarchists, and radical progressives, and they’ll tell you that if you listen.

Some, though, are unwilling to listen. The first commenter on Jasper’s piece (quoted above) angrily dismissed the writer’s observations, ranting, “You can slander this as a ‘communism’ front all you want…”

Slander? Ask the member of the Philadelphia Socialists who the International Libertarian interviewed if he thinks that pointing out the salient communist influences on the OWS movement is slander.

Ask the Karl Marx impersonator too.


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